Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Tryst by Typo

One of my email accounts is spelled in a very similar way to another person's, so sometimes I get their mail. We share a name. (Let's say it's "Ada").  

A few weeks ago, I got a letter that looked something like this:
Hey Dr. Ada,   
I know its prolly not appropriate to be writing this, but I cant wait to see u nekkid, covered in chocolate. 
Happy Easter,
My first thought was, "OMG! Did I have a student named Sam? What the heck?!?" Then I realized I was not the intended recipient and ignored it.

I got another email about a week later asking why I hadn't replied to the first one.  

Yesterday I received one about coordinating a morning "meeting", and that although we'd said 9:30, Sam would be ok with starting at 8 to "get things moving". Then today he sent an email describing some rather graphic details of what transpired. (These details are left as an exercise to the reader.)

I can't tell you how amused I am by all this. I keep debating how I might reply to Sam, or how I can contact the other Dr. Ada. I wonder if she's a PhD or an MD, and I wonder if Sam is her student. Then I wonder if he is her student and they are having a tryst, how on earth does she tolerate his egregious grammar and spelling errors?

In any case, I'm glad they're not using .edu addresses to conduct their rendezvous, as I'm pretty sure that's discoverable.


  1. :))))

    I would contact poor Sam, just so he knows he's not getting a cold shoulder.

  2. I never get interesting email like this.

  3. Heh, reminds me of an anonymous sexuality survey that went out in my undergraduate college to some people including me. While the survey specifically said to send the reply to a different e-mail address, several people just hit reply and their survey results were therefore immediately sent out to the entire mailing list (with their full names on it since it was student e-mail). I started laughing the second I saw the "confidential sex survey"-style message title followed immediately by several messages with a "RE: confidential sex survey" header. Fortunately the survey writers killed the mailing list before anybody else terminally humiliated themselves. I've never been sure whether to be proud or regretful I was a good boy and deleted the replies unread :).