Thursday, February 17, 2011

Those who trade security for coffee deserve neither

A recent article reports results from a survey which shows, among other things, that companies are spending more money on coffee for their employees than securing their "web applications", whatever that means. (In this day and age, is there any application that doesn't have at least some network-facing capability?)

In any case, being an advocate of both strong coffee and strong encryption, I can understand the dilemma. You need to caffeinate your sysadmins so they can keep up their daily grind of writing Javascript, while still allowing them to esperesso themselves that, actually, not beaning standards compliant is going to cause a latte problems.

(Coffee pun hat tip)


  1. Just as I thought I was getting sick of Java/coffee puns too... love it!

  2. :) I honestly thought the post would be about giving people a hard time for accessing unsecured wireless networks in various coffee shops and putting their computers at risk!

  3. Despite all the bad coverage in the French press, this isn't a major problem.

    It helps that filters are a cheap way to make sure your computer doesn't spill the beans, but the most important consideration is really choosing the right bot roast[1] for your JavaBeans.

    ...and not running Windows. :-)