Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How to get started with programming

I am often asked:
How can I teach my kid to program?
How can I learn to program?
I'm glad you asked! I probably should have answered your questions during CS Education Week, but it appears I'm about 5 months too late for that.

For kids, two of the best resources I know of are Scratch and Alice. I also think Computational Fairy Tales and Computer Science Unplugged are excellent resources for kids.

For girls in particular, there is Dot Diva, for girls of color, Black Girls Code.

For older kids and grownups, and those with a perchant for Art and visualization, I highly recommend Processing.

For grownups, I recommend Udacity.

This should be enough to get you and your kids up and running. Have fun!


  1. Very interesting way and process of programming. Thanks for awesomely putting it up.

  2. all the points are well summarized. i think one should share knowledge with everybody.

  3. Hey thank.. you have explained it very well.... Now its easy to start with programming...

  4. Thank you for the mention of Computational Fairy Tales! In case you are interested, the book version is now out. It features some of the same stories (reworked a bit) and 10+ new ones.