Monday, February 6, 2012

My favorite Google easter eggs

Teaching prep is killing me this semester, so I think it's time for cheap thrills. Here are my favorite Google easter eggs:
1) Search for "do a barrel roll"

2) Search for "tilt" (or "askew")

3) Search for "anagram"

4) Search for "recursion"
The last one is my favorite. More to come in t-minus 53 days!


  1. I haven't looked up the other three but I googled "anagram" and definitely got a kick. Couldn't figure out if it was deliberate or not.

  2. The "recursion" one went over my head until I looked it up (so now I'll just spend the rest of the day feeling stupid...)

  3. Oh no, don't feel stupid. You'd really have no reason to know it (or remember it). Most people don't use recursion on a daily basis.