Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Conference, I thee wed

Recently I was joining a professional organization outside my discipline. I went to the website to register, and was asked:
Description: CAT-5 wedding rings, 
Source: engadget
- My birthday
- My marital status
- The name of my spouse
- My anniversary date
And this isn't some skeezy society that is secretly marketing its members, this is a valid, bone fide organization!

I wonder if they will send me free coupons to their journal on my birthday, and a special society mug on my anniversary. That'd be great. IEEE and ACM definitely need to get in on this action.


  1. Those rings are cute! :)

    As for the questions... not so much impressed. I guess it reenforces my feeling that it is "more worth to be married than not", even in a professional setting...

  2. I like them too :-)

    Yeah, I'm not too impressed either. Generally, I'm a fan of keeping my professional life and personal life as separate as I can - sharing on a one-on-one basis when I feel it makes sense, not having to officially tie it to my professional-organization profile.