Thursday, December 2, 2010

Not sure if this qualifies as CS "cheerleading"...

...but I thought this video was cute. It's from "Melissa T", as well as a few other students from Waterloo's Computer Science department:

I love the lyric:
"Boys askin' me for my number,
I'm telling them binary,
They say that they don't get it,
They're not in CS like me!"
There was only one line in the song that seemed strange to me: "my professors are just too smart, I just don't get them, I'll switch to arts!",  but I'm guessing (hoping) this was a case of needing to fit the meter and being unable to come up with anything else. Or maybe it's some Waterloo inside joke.

Link from the lovely Comp Sci Woman.


  1. Very cute video, although I must say she doesn't sing all that well...

  2. Feels more like a parody of CS geeks, a'la Harvard's response to Yale's recruitment video:

    Was there an original CS recruitment video, or did they cut out the middle man and parody themselves? :-)