Friday, October 15, 2010

Bravo, Cornell and XKCD!

While writing my post the other day I visited a number of CS department websites. Cornell's has a rotating image highlight on its front page. Two of them really caught my eye:

Big kudos to Cornell - a picture is worth a thousand words.

Also kudos today to Randall Munroe (XKCD), for today's comic. In addition to beautifully articulating my frequent frustration with tech support, I love that the uber-smart CS superstar is drawn as a woman. Thanks for helping represent!


  1. Cute pictures!

    For a kids' show (my boys love it) that features nonstandard male/female roles, I recommend Johnny Test: he has 2 genius sisters, a stay at home dad and a working mom. Here's a pic of the "cast".

  2. Thanks, looks good - we'll check it out. Anything to replace Dora, god help me!

  3. To be fair, though, Dora has some great nonstandard roles... for instance, in one episode, she rescues a prince. (Take THAT, Disney!)

    Not sure whether that makes up for the fact that 60% of each episode is made up of the same songs cut and pasted from a template that only leaves 6 minutes of genuine story-telling time, but at least they're trying.

  4. Johnny Test is for a bit older kids (school age). My 3-year-old watches it becasue his big brother does...