Monday, September 20, 2010

More "levity"

Lately I've been reading some papers within a particular humanities discipline due to a very tiny bit of crossover with a new research area I am exploring. I read one paper where the author used quotation marks like they were going out of style. It was something like this:
The "green" tree was in the "park", as was the "balloon". This raises "interesting questions" for "park management".
I thought this was really funny, because as far as I'm aware, in Computer Science we only use non-quotation quotes when we want to be sarcastic. So for us it would be like this:
Compared to Linux, the Blackberry OS's "memory management" is like a herd of lemmings running into a tar pit.
So with this bouncing around my head, you can imagine my delight yesterday as I passed a new sign in front of a local restaurant which said:
Now serving "Authentic Indian Cuisine".
Ah, pseudo-food. Yum!


  1. Have you seen this? :-)

  2. That's fantastic, hacker fairy, thanks for the chuckle!